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Welcome to Kate Campbell Professional Fitness - offering bespoke one-one personal training services and group fitness classes in Lodgemoor and the surrounding areas.

Whether you want to change your lifestyle, increase your fitness levels tone up, sculpt your physique, lose weight, prepare for pregnancy or regain your figure after having a baby, there is no better way than with the help from Kate Campbell at Professional Fitness.

Training from Kate's private studio professional workouts and nutritional guides are customised specifically for the individual allowing for personal goals to be achieved within the given time frame. 


Using a variety of training methods and equipment, your sessions will never be boring - Kate will ensure you keep coming back for more...... with unlimited support, guidance, encouragement, motivation and a positive attitude, exercise will never be as much fun!

Motivation + Commitment = Results

To kick start a healthier lifestyle CONTACT Kate for further information and to book your FREE consultation. Evening AVAILABILITY LIMITED SO BOOK SOON.

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Do you suffer with back pain?

If you're experiencing back pain, massage therapy could help you! With massage therapy, not only will you receive a massage but we will have a look at your posture, and range of motion. Read more....

Postnatal Personal Training Journey by Elly

Four 150g bars of chocolate eaten in one sitting, bags of triple chocolate cookies, packets of kit-kats - "the healthy option," pizzas and garlic bread all washed down with litres of lucozade. I feel embarrassed to think that person used to be me only 12 weeks ago. This was what the worst of my postnatal diet looked like....Read more

After having my twin boys at 36 weeks, my body had changed shape dramatically and I desperately wanted to lose the excess fat that I had gained. I knew I had a challenge on my hands and I was at a loss not knowing how to do it. I started off dieting and tried cereal for breakfast, lunch and then a normal dinner but after day 3 I was miserable (I love food too much). So I contacted Kate for guidance and it was the best thing I did! Every step of my 8 week plan, from our first meeting to our last training session she has been incredible - supportive, motivated, helpful and patient. Kate is a great listener and I have learnt so much in terms of dieting, nutrition and exercise which will help me in the long term. During my plan I have lost 10lbs and melted away 9 inches of fat - I feel great and my confidence has soared!!! Read more....