Kate Campbell Professional Fitness Personal Training for Everyone

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Therapeutic & Sports Massage Treatments

Professional Fitness offers a range of treatments including
• Deep tissue stress relief massage    • Pre & post event massage
• Remedial & Rehabilitation massage     • Maintenance massage

The benefits of sports massage can include:
• Maintains your body generally in better condition
• Alleviates stress and postural tension     • Reduces the risk of injury
• Improves range of movement & muscle flexibility
• Boosts performance     • Enhances the body's own recovery process
• Reduces & eliminates pain & discomfort

30 minutes - £25           50 minutes - £35

Your first visit will take longer to ensure a detailed assessment and screening can be performed. In certain circumstances, a referral to a healthcare professional maybe necessary before treatment can be given.

Do you suffer with back pain?

You could benefit from massage therapy.

Often it can start from postural changes when we have a child. I personally have felt the strain your body endures while feeding my little one. While breastfeeding I found my shoulders becoming rounded. The muscles in my chest started to tighten causing tension in between the shoulder blades. Equally when we switched to a bottle I found myself sitting in awkward positions, always holding my son on the same side because it no longer mattered what side he was feeding from. I would feel little twinges, pulls, niggles from reaching too far or sitting for too long with rounded shoulders. The pain does not just go away when ignored, it continues to build up over time from the repetitive action.

Does any of that sound familiar? If you're experiencing back pain, massage therapy could help you! With massage therapy, not only will you receive a massage but we will have a look at your posture, and range of motion. You will be given stretches and exercises to strengthen weakened muscles addressing the route of the problem. The massage itself, can reduce pain by removing pressure and build up. It can increase range of motion, and circulation supplying the muscles with necessary nutrients to aid in healing and repair. Massage will also help you to relax, centre yourself and relieve stress not just physically, but mentally as well. We can help repair strained muscles, and by looking at what is causing the strain we can come up with techniques and exercises to take preventative measures.

Please get in touch if you feel like you could benefit from message therapy.