Kate Campbell Professional Fitness Personal Training for Everyone

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical personal training session involve?

This varies according to individual goals, but a typical 45 minute session in the studio will start with a 5-10 minute warm up either on the treadmill, exercise bike or mats. The aim being to gradually warm up the muscles to be used, raise the heart rate and lubricate the joints in preparation for the main activity, thus preventing injury.

The main section may include:

  1. Functional strength exercises working all muscle groups: shoulders, back, chest, legs, core and arms, incorporating a variety of equipment.

2.   Interval, Tabata or HITT training, to boost metabolism and increase weight loss.

3.   Weight training (don’t be put off) women will not gain muscles like Arnie, we don’t produce enough testosterone, but the benefits of using weights is well researched and documented.

4.   Postural awareness and corrective exercises aimed at improving core strength will slowly bring down the heart rate and help your body cool down. Stretching to finish the session will help in preventing muscle soreness.

Nutritional guidance, motivation and support will be given throughout the session


Why does Professional Fitness recommend the Healthy starter pack?

It’s simple - to prepare your body for a healthier lifestyle.

In our modern world, we are regularly bombarded with toxins from a cocktail of chemicals in:

  1. Food, food additives and preservatives
  2. Air pollution
  3. Drinking water
  4. Drugs (including those used in intensively farmed livestock)
  5. Chemicals in household products

The Healthy Starter Pack+ is a best-selling product, and provides a great start to any nutritional or weight management programme.

It is a powerful and effective ten day course of five cleaning herbal products which collectively help cleanse the whole body.

Start as you mean to go on - This is not suitable for everyone. If you can't take tablets, are pregnant, breastfeeding or on certain medications then following the principles of the 10 day healthy start will have significant benefits. 


Use alongside a healthy diet, you will be amazed at how you feel. (Ask me how I got on?) For optimum results, I recommend you avoid red meat, caffeine, sugar and alcohol ensure you drink plenty of water. For further information about the benefits of taking daily supplements click here


I have visions of personal trainers shouting and making me do 20 more press ups. Is it true?

I can’t speak for others, but Professional Fitness has a philosophy of ensuring a holistic approach is taken to training clients. Goals are set, lifestyle reviewed, recommendations and suggestions made, motivation and encouragement provided without fail.

Shouting is not needed or appreciated!

Your commitment to give 100% means you will achieve your goals with hard work, consistency and a desire from within.

there maybe times when the exercise I choose is not your favorite PLEASE DO communicate with me and changes can be made.


I am recovering from an illness / injury or have an on-going medical condition. Can I still attend for personal training and group training sessions?

A full health screen is required from everyone who wishes to train with Professional Fitness. You may wish to discuss with your care provider: GP, consultant, nurse, physiotherapist, osteopath etc. before booking.

Please do contact me to discuss further, as training has many positive benefits and can enhance recovery with a carefully designed plan. Adapting and offering alternative exercises where necessary.  

Safety is of paramount importance, unsafe exercises will not be given.  Know your limitations and ensure you regularly update me on your condition, injury or illness.


What do I wear and bring to sessions?

Depending on whether training takes place indoors or outside, dressing comfortably is a priority. Do not wear restrictive clothing. Tracksuit bottoms, leggings and a t shirt or specific sportswear will be fine. Ladies a supportive bra is essential I recommend Shock absorber.

Trainers are incredibly important, ensure they have good cushioning and support – you don’t need to buy new but correct fitting prevents injury. Specially designed innersoles moulded to your feet can be purchased to fit into your current trainers.

Always bring water or diluted juice to every session


Outside training, what shall I wear and bring?

Dress for the weather. As above but several layers are better than one thick one. Breathable light weight jackets, rain or shower proof and gloves. If training takes place in the winter a small head torch is recommended. NB also bring a small old towel.


I have just had a baby what can Professional Fitness offer?

If you are less than six months postnatal, please see Keep mums fit website for more information. Your postnatal body should be respected therefore correct, progressive training and specific classes are recommended. Regular Pelvic floor exercises are recommended

I am a level 3 specialist Ante/postnatal trainer, classes and personal training can be offered from 6 weeks following a normal delivery.


I have no childcare, but want to book personal training sessions. Can I bring my child/baby to the Studio?

Babies stay still (car seat or baby ring) toddlers and older children don’t! So if you know your little-one will not settle then please don’t bring them.

You will be distracted and you may not complete a full session.

Please be aware the Studio is small, and not designed for active inquisitive little-ones. Equipment will be out during the session.

You may wish to have Personal Training at home instead. Please contact me to discuss.

What happens if due to unforeseen circumstances i.e illness or personal problems I decide I can not continue training. Can I have a refund?

NO refunds are given. 3 months grace will be given with a valid doctors note. Please read terms and conditions carefully


Is Body Blitz Bootcamp for women only?

No, men are welcome, mixed training always spices the sessions up! Men are competitive and equally so are women! Exercises are designed for all. Men tend to have more upper body strength, but women generally have greater core strength.


What age is Body Blitz Bootcamp open to?

14 – 65 depending on health history.

I have a children’s fitness teaching qualification therefore I am happy for teenage girls and boys to attend. Adaptations will be made where necessary. 

*Please NOTE under 18s cannot attend without parental written permission being obtained first.


I can’t get on to the 3-2-1 class, I love the idea of exercising for only 30 minutes, what can I do?

This is a very popular class and many girls don’t leave.  There is a waiting list and when a space becomes available you will be contacted.

Why not join KCPF facebook group while you are waiting for a place? Visit https://www.facebook.com/KateCampbellProfessionalFitness for more details.